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Cloudberry is an interactive design firm in New York City helping Fortune 500 companies provide online experiences that drive strategic business outcomes.

With a focus on financial services and healthcare clients, we offer decades of industry expertise, yet with a freshness and agility not found in larger agencies.

Cloud is the thinking and Berry is the result

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Experience matters.

Solving complex online challenges requires the right mix of smart, creative people working together to make it simple. Our people come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, yet we're unified by a passion for taking on a meaty challenge, producing really good design, and having fun while doing it.

Sandy Williams
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

As Chief Executive Officer, Sandy is responsible for managing and growing Cloudberry as well as working directly with clients to help align their digital strategy with their business strategy.

Sandy began his career as a ranger in Mt Rainier and Olympic National Parks where he learned the value of teamwork and a cool head, whether on a crevasse-rescue or meeting a client deadline. In 1998, he joined the digital ranks, working as an information architect and producer at, NF Foundation, and Vizooal, an internet strategy firm.

In 2001, he started his own user experience strategy firm called Zaum Interactive — providing strategic leadership on projects for Cisco, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, HSBC, Medco, Pershing, Pfizer, TIAA-CREF, and Unisys. Zaum went on to join with co-founder Paul Roeraade's Windup Design to form Cloudberry.

Sandy spent five years studying Slavic philology in a PhD program at Stanford University where he earned the Centennial Teaching Award for his groundbreaking incorporation of web technology. He also holds a Master's degree in Russian Literature from Stanford University and a Bachelor's in Russian from Grinnell College.

What makes it good?
"Completing a complicated transaction faster and more easily than expected."

Paul Roeraade
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

As Chief Creative Officer, Paul is responsible for providing leadership to the company's design and experience teams. As one of the two founders of Cloudberry, he helps to drive the company's overall direction, core values and business strategy. With almost twenty years of experience in interactive design, Paul combines a deep knowledge in branding with expertise in user-centered design.

During his career, Paul has contributed his design talents to numerous projects for well-known clients such as Oppenheimer Funds, TIAA-CREF, HP, Mercedes-Benz, Ricoh, Chevron, Procter & Gamble, and Medco. Paul started his career as an Internet strategy consultant in his native Sweden. In 1998, his curiosity brought him to New York where he worked as an Art Director for smaller agencies as well as Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. In 2001, Paul started his own design company Windup Design, before he joined Sandy Williams in forming Cloudberry. Paul has a master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden as well as a graphic design degree from both Stockholm University and Parsons School of Design (where he also served as part-time faculty for 7 years).

What makes it good?
"An experience that challenges conventions, yet without invoking fantasies involving sharp objects."

Stephanie Byer
Executive Director, Client Services & Planning

Stephanie oversees relationship management and planning for Cloudberry. She partners with clients to gain a deep understanding of their business and their objectives so that she can serve as their strategic steward and help solve complex communications challenges.

With over 20 years’ of experience in both client-side and agency roles, Stephanie brings expertise in brand and marketing strategy, positioning, strategic planning, messaging and communications strategy, and consultative selling and sales support. Prior to Cloudberry, Stephanie served as Managing Director of Strategy at Sullivan, a strategic branding and integrated marketing communications firm, and led marketing for a variety of business lines at RR Donnelley, a Fortune 250 company. Over the course of her career, Stephanie has worked with a diverse range of clients including Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, MetLife, Fidelity, Ameriprise, TIAA-CREF, Broadridge Financial Solutions, MassMutual and Oppenheimer. Stephanie holds an MBA in Marketing from DePaul University and a BA with a double concentration in Communications and Anthropology from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!)

What makes it good?
"Getting to the heart of it and bringing order out of chaos, so that we can focus on what matters."

John Gazzola
Director of Strategy

John works closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business and their objectives. With this knowledge, he supports each initiative to ensure all expectations are met, while at the same time looking for additional opportunities for growth.

John has over a decade's experience working in Financial Services: setting strategy, leading teams, navigating the political landscape of large companies, and getting things done. His senior leadership experiences include: managing complex products/services through all phases of the product lifecycle and owning the web experience for Institutional and Individual customers at a Fortune 100 company.  Being the first in his family to attend college, John credits his blue-collar work ethic as a driving force in what makes him successful. John has his MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business.

What makes it good?
"It starts with a challenge, involves a ton of hard work, includes a few laughs, and ends with both customer and client satisfaction."

Aaron Ayer
VP of Business Development

In his role as VP of Business Development, Aaron manages partnerships and develops new client relationships.

He has over 20 years of managerial experience focusing on small, high-growth companies, holding executive marketing roles with ventures backed by Carlyle Group, Kleiner-Perkins, NEA, and others.  Aaron began his career as a US Naval officer aboard the nuclear powered submarines USS Gurnard and Woodrow Wilson.  Aaron holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla.

What makes it good?
"When clients see their business metrics improve as a result of good user experience."

Jenny Friedman
Creative Director

Jenny's role as Creative Director at Cloudberry is to come up with beautiful and elegant creative solutions that meet clients' business objectives and satisfy users' needs. She works with the Cloudberry's team of designers, art directors, and user experience architects to create smart and stylish end-to-end digital experiences.

With over 10 years of experience in design and advertising, Jenny has spent time at both large and small agencies. Prior to Cloudberry, Jenny served as VP Creative Director at Digitas Health, focusing on pharmaceutical advertising. Before that, she was Senior Art Director at at The Barnett Group, a branding and design firm. In both agencies she worked with large Fortune 500 clients in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries. She holds her B.F.A. in Photography from Cornell University.

What makes it good?
"When I know what to do without having to think 'wait, what do I do?'"

Donn Denniston
Director of Project Management

As Director of Project management, Donn helps create efficient and flexible processes that adapt to our client's evolving needs.

Donn brings over 17 years of experience that spans both the client and agency side with a strong focus on digital execution. Prior to Cloudberry, Donn served as Director of Project Management at Eric Mower & Associates, one of the country’s largest independently owned advertising agencies as well as other smaller agencies that focus on digital marketing execution. On the client side, Donn was a Program Manager for Carrier Corporation's Global eBusiness Group working on global solutions for Carrier's diverse digital needs.

What makes it good?
"Simplicity, efficiency and flexibility."

Chance Bliss
Director of User Experience

Chance is responsible for leading the user experience practice whose driving goals are to transform complexity into simplicity, confusion into intuition, and with the help of his co-workers, the ugly into the beautiful.

Over the course of his 20+ year career he has held a number of positions from web developer, producer, information architecture and product manager. He enjoys flying somewhere in between Development and Design appreciating the creativity and practicality of both. During this time, he has honed his skills leading clients, both tentative and brave, through intricacies of the web. Chance has working for and across a wide range of clients including, American Express, Bank of American/Merrill Lynch, Baker Tilly, Intuit, Liquidnet, NYU Stern, TD Ameritrade and WebMD.

Chance holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Management in Glendale, Arizona as well as a B.A. in International Politics from University of California San Diego.

What makes it good?
"Building smart products that handle the complexities so the user doesn’t have too."

Lisa Landry
Director of Marketing

Lisa works with clients on translating their business goals into creative solutions that deliver concrete business outcomes, such as brand awareness, acquisition, retention, conversion, and completion.

Prior to Cloudberry, Lisa served as Chief Marketing Officer at The Barnett Group, a branding and design firm, and Vizooal, a global interactive agency. In both agencies she worked with large Fortune 500 clients in the Financial Services and Healthcare industries including HSBC, Medco, Pfizer, and Consumer Reports Health. From 1995-1999, she served as Director of Marketing for Empire BlueCross BlueShield, where she managed the re-branding of the company and its communications rollout. Lisa began her career as writer and journalist on the news desk of RAI, Italy's national broadcasting network, where she worked from 1989-1994. She holds her B.S. in Economics from Babson College in Wellesley, MA, with post-graduate work in journalism and creative writing at University of San Francisco and The New School.

What makes it good?
"Eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary may speak."

Mikhail Kornienko
Senior Programmer

Mikhail is responsible for the technical implementation of Cloudberry projects — transforming design and specs into interactive living entities.

Mikhail graduated from Moscow State University as a systems programmer with a Master's degree in Applicable Maths and Cybernetics, with a specialization in Automation of Scientific Research. His experience includes working on a wide range of projects for clients all over the world, including: programming, multimedia kiosks authoring, Apple trainer certifications, technical manual and article authoring, and server hardware build-out and management. With his wide range of expertise, Mikhail is alpha and omega for all technical aspects of Cloudberry development.

What makes it good?
"When users feel both at ease and in control."

Yael Sahar
Senior Art Director

As a Senior Art Director, Yael is a visual design and UX leader, specializing in transforming clients' visions into scalable, innovative and engaging user experiences across web and mobile platforms.

Yael served as a leader for user interaction, information architecture and visual design for many years. Her background includes working in the Games & Entertainment industry as Head of UX and Creative Director at I-play, where she worked with the world's top brands, such as MSN, Yahoo! and AT&T, creating their game experiences worldwide. In addition, she worked with numerous technology companies – heading their products' UX and visual design.

What makes it good?
"Form Follow Function. Every pixel in my designs has a reason. If you understand your business goals, product functionality, and the users of your product, the design almost happens on its own."

On Ki Cheng
Senior Designer

As a Senior Designer, she works closely with Art Directors and Project Managers to understand a client's vision and produces interactive solutions tailored to their needs.

As a teenager, On Ki moved from Hong Kong to New York City where she completed high school and went on to study at Parsons School of Design to earn her Communications Design Degree. She continues her lifelong pursuit of multidisciplinary design skills, including furniture design, print design, photography, and hands-on coding. In her work with Cloudberry, she applies her technical and visual design expertise to create seamless interactive projects that allow users to easily accomplish their tasks.

What makes it good?
"Like Angry Bird with a million addictive devotees (including me), simple, intuitive design and the satisfaction of crumbling bricks are the key elements to success."

Daisuke Fukuyoshi
User Experience Architect

Daisuke’s role as an Experience Architect involves balancing user needs and business objectives with practical considerations like timing and technical challenges. With over 6 years of web development experience in both designer and technical project manager capacities, he strives for implementable and extensible design solutions that offer good user experience and long-term viability.

Daisuke has primarily worked with legal services, health advocacy and pharmaceutical clients to design and develop both the front- and back-ends for database driven web applications. Further coloring his approach to design is his prior background as a data analyst in retail, as well as a marketing copywriter and SEO/SEM strategist for professional services. He holds a B.A. in architecture from Columbia University.

What makes it good?
"When pragmatic limitations are acknowledged and elegantly accommodated for with thoughtful design."

Nicole Kendrot
Experience Architect & Content Developer

As an experience architect, Nicole conceptualizes and designs blueprints for enjoyable and engaging experiences across channels. A Jill-of-all-trades, Nicole’s experience centers around content strategy, project management, information architecture and experience design.

Recognized for her creativity in conceptualizing how to leverage the digital channel to help increase the financial capability of Americans, Nicole was awarded the Grand Prize in the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge, a competition sponsored by the U.S. Treasury Department. Her mobile app design concept, Centz, aims to help student loan borrowers manage, plan and learn about their student loans.

Nicole holds a B.A. in art history with a minor in anthropology and a Masters degree in library science.

What makes it good?
"When it makes help make my life easier and more seamless. I want to be able to find useful, relevant and visually appealing information when and where I need it!"

Vanessa Fahy
Senior Designer

As a Senior Designer, Vanessa works on interactive projects from concept through to completion to develop creative design solutions that meet both client and user demands.

Originally from London, Vanessa studied graphic design & visual communication at Central St. Martins School of Art & Design and Loughborough University. After graduating, she worked as an interactive designer at a London-based digital agency, delivering conceptual direction and design for a variety of clients spanning small start-ups to global brands, such as Coca Cola and Nickelodeon. In 2013, a lifelong dream of working in the design world of New York City brought her across the pond to join the Cloudberry team.

What makes it good?
"Visual charm, simplicity and attention to detail."

Anna Caselli
Project Manager

Anna works with clients to bring their vision to life, finding a balance between user needs and business goals throughout a project lifecycle. This includes managing client and project team communications, making sure expectations are set and met, and ensuring project milestones are reached on time.

Anna’s experience is rooted in research and ethnographic methods. She first came to Cloudberry as an intern where she gained hands-on experience in user experience design and business strategy. She now works as a project manager applying these skills (combined with a keen attention to detail) to projects from start to finish.

Anna graduated with honors with a BA in Anthropology from Stony Brook University.

What makes it good?
"Collaboration to solve for user needs in new and creative ways."

Susanne Cerha
Art Director

Susanne takes the creative lead on websites, eLearning experiences, and animated short films—using conceptually anchored ideas to create enjoyable and engaging experiences.

After graduating top of her class in typography and the graphic arts in Sweden and working at advertising agencies in Stockholm, Susanne moved to New York City to pursue her BFA at The School Of Visual Arts. Here she graduated with the Rhodes Gold Medal of Honor in the top 5% of her class. Scouted by Sony Music Entertainment to join their creative team, she spent the next eight years creating album artwork, advertising and websites for A-list artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Miles Davis, Janis Joplin and Gloria Estefan. During this time as Associate Design Director, she created over 450 album covers, won numerous awards, and published various works, which earned her permanent residency in the U.S. She left Sony in 2007 to explore how she could bring her creative talents to the corporate world.

What makes it good?
"Give me what I need now. Make it smooth, painless, and beautiful. In other words, don't make me scroll for my birth year — just give me an input field!"

Elin Malmros
Senior Designer

As a Senior Designer at Cloudberry, Elin takes the strategy from idea to a tangible visual concept. Elin sees her projects through from concept to implementation making sure that every pixel aligns and that the type is optically balanced.

Elin moved from Norway to New York in 1999 where she pursued her Masters in Communications Design from Pratt Institute. Since graduating, Elin has more than 10 years' design experience working with top New York City agencies, producing award-winning print and web campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. She officially joined Cloudberry in 2011, bringing with her a love of books and a passion for great design.

What makes it good?
"Simplicity and beauty."

Diana Simakhov

As a designer at Cloudberry, Diana designs various websites, making them visually strong and user-friendly.

Diana was born and raised in the Caucuses, Russia, a land of picture perfect landscapes, which she took every opportunity to draw. In 1999, her family moved to New York, where she found herself surrounded by different landscapes and the rich art and design community that formed her artistic development. In 2008, Diana graduated from Parsons School of Design with concentrations in Communication Design and Illustration. Her design work includes projects for: L'Occitane™, Rockwell group, Lab Fitness and Spa, Le Parker Meridien Hotel, and Parker Palm Springs. She also provided Art Direction for Mica & Richard Hadar Journal and branding for Intelligence Squared Inc. before joining Cloudberry in 2009.

What makes it good?
"When the experience is unnoticeable, and the user doesn't worry how to do something. He simply does it."

Maria Gonzalez

As a Designer at Cloudberry, Maria explores different media with a focus on web and interactive.

After receiving her degree in Social Communications in her native Venezuela and working for 2 years at an ad agency in Caracas, she moved to New York to complete a Graphic Design AAS at Parsons at the New School of Design. She also worked for Parsons--art directing and designing their Interior Design AAS student workbook and completed internships at VH1 and Mongollon, a design studio in Brooklyn, during her school years. Before joining Cloudberry, she did freelance work for Help Remedies, working on product display pieces, packaging and other communications. Maria is also receiving training to become a certified yoga teacher.

What makes it good?
"How good ideas naturally evolve into better. If a design is well thought through, it has a strong foundation from which you can naturally build."

Mike Harmala
User Experience Architect

In his role as User Experience Architect, Mike is the advocate for those who ultimately use the web interfaces we create. He creates solutions for the end user that take into account what they need to do, and when and how they need to do it.

With a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction, the foundation of his career in UX has been centered on usability evaluation and research. Rigorous and analytical tests on designs inform how he approaches solutions for the user. Passionate about a thorough process, Mike takes an active role in all stages of a project—from initial qualitative research and design, to prototypes and evaluation. He has worked on projects as varied as complex online transactions, social networks, and mobile solutions.

What makes it good?
"Whether I'm in a hurry, lost, bored, distracted, or laser-focused… no matter when, no matter what… it works."

Breanne Thomlison
Social Media Strategist

As a Social Media Strategist for Cloudberry, Breanne works with clients to sharpen their strategic implementation. She carefully studies each client’s request to gain a full understanding of their needs in order to generate the best results on each communications platform.

Breanne brings over 10 years of experience in marketing communications. As an experienced social media strategist , she has successfully developed and implemented several healthcare, technology and consumer-related programs. One of her most recognized programs is the development and launch of the first live, branded pharmaceutical Twitter conference. Recognized for her ability to understand the diverse, unique and challenging audience needs online, Breanne is able to create targeted messages that resonate with each audience, effectively generating measurable results. Breanne holds a B.A. in Sociology and Communications from Bishop’s University, in Quebec, as well as post-graduate diploma in Public Relations from Humber College, in Toronto.

What makes it good?
"Creating an effortless and questionless experience for users, who ultimately come back on their own desire."

Sam Garst
Business Analyst

Sam helps drive user experience and strategy improvements for our clients through rigorous business analysis. He works closely with business users to understand and document current workflows, particularly those with deep technical or infrastructure implications, and come up with a solution for improvement.

Prior to joining Cloudberry, Sam was VP of Engineering at Probaris Technologies, where he managed all aspects of software development and product management, including complex product deployments in federal government agencies. Sam has also held engineering and programming roles in various technology and financial services companies. With Bachelor's degrees in Visual Arts and Anthropology and a Masters in Information Systems from Drexel University, Sam brings a broad perspective to his analysis.

What makes it good?
"A user experience borne out of analysis, not guesswork."

Jenn Haltman
Office Manager

Jenn provides administrative support across all areas of the company, serves as a liaison to vendors and contractors, and oversees all supplies and housekeeping needs for the office and generally keeps the troops happy.

Jenn is a graduate of Muhlenberg College and spent six years working in the casting office of New York Theatre Workshop. She has also worked as a casting director for a myriad of Off Broadway play, regional, and touring productions as well as for a series of flash mob dances that occurred around New York City. She is currently the Associate Artistic Director of a Brooklyn-based theatre company focused on telling unique female stories and she also teaches audition workshops.

What makes it good?
Thinking with and outside of your own experience to create a user friendly experience.


Be good.

Be a force for good online experiences. Our work with Fortune 500 companies in the complex, fast-moving, heavily-regulated industries — such as healthcare, financial services and others—is not for the faint of heart. The challenges are great. And that's just why we love it.

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