how we work

How to create
a good experience

Our approach is one that starts with your business objectives and ends with a satisfied user.

Step 1: Dive right in


Dive right in

As digital strategists with deep industry expertise and a brand focus, we first get an understanding of the business objectives you’d like to achieve. We then do the research—often using both quantitative and qualitative methods—to understand how the users think, work, and get things done.

Step 2: Get to the sweet spot


Get to the sweet spot

With research in hand, we then look to find the sweet spot—the intersection between your business goals and your users' needs. This forms the strategy that serves as the foundation for the design phase.

Step 3: Create a good experience

Step 3: DESIGN

Create a good experience

Through an industry best-practice design process, our usability experts, information architects, content strategists and interactive designers create an online experience that’s not just usable, but one your audience wants to use.

Step 4: Deliver the goods


Deliver the goods

We provide a complete range of front-end development capabilities, then often work with our clients' internal IT departments to bring our designs to life. By providing support with front-end ready prototypes, style guides, QA, and experience working with IT, we ensure a smooth transition.

our philosophy

Why do you need good experience design?


+It's good business.

A good user experience helps people engage, learn and get things done. If they enjoy doing this on your site, then acquisition, retention, online self-service and other goals are now in your control.

+It's no longer a choice.

Customers are won and lost everyday based on good or bad interactions online. Good experience design is no longer a check box on the road to development. It’s a holistic, strategic approach that affects your bottom line.

+Online, your user's experience IS your brand.

A user’s experience is the perception that’s left in their mind after they leave your site. What perception do you want to leave your users with?

+It's good fun.

For us, it doesn’t get much better than working with smart, passionate clients to solve tough problems. We aim to deliver not just a good end user experience, but a good client experience throughout the project. Let’s have fun.

What makes it good?

To do our best work, stay sane, and enjoy life we stick to a few simple rules:

Make damn good design.


Good design works on an intellectual and emotional level, and is the intersection of your business goals with your user needs. We look for this sweet spot with every project in order to deliver a simple, elegant solution.

Do good work for good people.


We work with people we like and for whom we know we can help reach their goals. Enough said.

Work hard, play hard.


We love what we do, and so we have a good time doing it. We also have outside passions—travel, food, music and slavic philology to name a few—that not only keep us happy, but add dimension to the work we do.