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Typos, Trust & Context: When Do Typos Really Matter?

Cover letter with a typo

Before I get started on this one, I want to stress that I’m of the belief that any time a typo can be prevented, it should be prevented. But we’re all human, right? Typos happen, even when you’ve reviewed something … Read more

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Boost Your Site’s Performance with Web Fonts

As well as good looks and legibility, web fonts offer a number of benefits that contribute to a smooth user experience, amped up site performance, and better SEO results. Read more

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Feature Areas and Slideshows: Are They All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

SONY Banner

Sliding carousels give more than one piece of content a prominent position within a compact space.Though widely used, they are somewhat misunderstood. Read more

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6 Sites that Get Parallax Scrolling Right

Parallax scrolling can help transform dry reading into an engaging narrative, particularly when paired with healthcare or financial services. Here are some examples that do a good job. Read more

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Got a Wide Load? 6 Creative Solutions for Wide Web Content

Usage of the horizontal browser scroll is widely recognized as a bad practice by UX specialists. However, since wide content continues to exist online a number of different creative methods have developed to accommodate horizontal layouts in a user-friendly way. Read more

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Key Takeaways from the IA Summit, 2013

Baltimore, MD / April 3 – 7, 2013 The IA Summit is an annual conference that brings information architects and user experience practitioners together to collaborate and build new skill sets in this ever-evolving field. This year the conference was held … Read more

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Responsive Web Design: Examples from the Health Sector

In recent years, the health insurance sector has increasingly reached out to consumers through mobile and social channels. However, despite this proliferation of online services, the health sector has been slow to optimize their brand pages for mobile through responsive web … Read more

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2012 World Usability Day at Cloudberry

Cloudberry had the pleasure of hosting our second annual World Usability Day event on November 8, 2012. World Usability Day (WUD) is an annual collection of events held worldwide, where professionals gather to discuss the creation of user-friendly products and … Read more

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Making Interactive Experiences iPad Friendly: 4 Scenarios and Their Solutions

Until recently, Flash was the go-to program to create an interactive experience. While it was never the only program of its kind, it was loved by designers for being intuitive and simple for creating animations and multimedia experiences. In addition, Flash … Read more

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Responsive Web Design – Examples from Financial Services

Responsive Web Design has been embraced by content-focused verticals. However, other industries, such as financial services, are slow to jump in. After coming across this post on Design Daily listing well-done responsive sites, I searched for examples of responsive sites within the … Read more

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